Mission Statement: To give feral, stray and abandoned cats a better quality of life through TNVR.

The Colony Caregivers formed in 2009 is the only organization of it's kind in Ontario County, NY.  
We are a completely volunteer organization. 

We provide TNVR(trap/neuter/vaccinate/return to care) program for feral, stray and abandoned cats 
by negotiating spay/neuter clinics at a reduced price.  
Participating in TNVR means colonies are cared for in the healthiest way possible also promoting good neighbor relations.  

 We educate on the importance of TNVR as it is the ONLY proven method of population control. 

We assist individuals:
*who care for an entire colony or barn full of cats
*with trapping and can provide information on proper technique
*who adopt an abandoned cat, but cannot afford to get them neutered at the full veterinary price  

Depending on the clinic, the fee is $55 or $80, which includes Neuter/Spay, Rabies & Distemper Vaccines and an application of Revolution (for fleas, ear mites and worms).  Together, these clinics only provide us with about 50 surgeries per month.  Our waiting list is about 250 cats.  The number of the cats we take to clinic each month exceeds our request for funding/clinic spots.

Volunteers have colonies they feed as well as take to veterinary care, often paying for these services out of their own pocket.  Money to support our organization comes entirely from individual donations, fund-raising events and, occasionally, a grant.  
We have no affiliation with any Humane Society, ASPCA or other organization.  
We are a 501(c)3 organization since 2010.

Our Board of Directors

       Donna K, JoAnne A,  Maureen R, and Robyn L.
      Clinic Scheduling

Jen Wylie
Facebook Editor
Website Manager
Helen Menga
Acting President

Maureen Robert
Field Coordinator
Joanne Ashley  

Judy Gifford
About Us
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