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Is the expense for the surgery really worth it?

Yes! This is a one-time expense that will dramatically improve your pet's quality of life. If you are still uncertain whether or not to proceed with the surgery, consider the expense to society of collecting and caring for all the unwanted, abused, or abandoned animals being housed in shelters and rescues? most have little chance of finding permanent homes.

Having your pet spayed or neutered is a part of responsible pet ownership and an important investment in your pet's long-term good health
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To request a Clinic please (1) read this information: Clinic Request Guidelines & information. (2) complete the online form below, and (3) complete  Caretaker Responsibilities for TNVR.  This provides you with information on your responsibilities for TNVR with TCC and our responsibilities to you.  The Caretaker Responsibilities for TNVR can be printed or emailed to address on the form. 
 If you have more than 6 cats please Go to: Colony Registration AFTER you fill out the form below.
PLEASE READ Clinic Request Guidelines to fill out request.

**ALL cats MUST be in a trap & ear tip is mandatory.  
No cats in carriers will be accepted upon arrival. 
Payment is by $80 check made out to: The Colony Caregivers 
or Cash at time of drop off for this clinic. 

Refer to Clinic Request Guidelines and information